The University of Cali is no longer accepting ACT and SAT results

The results of the entrance exams will no longer be part of the university’s admissions process.

The University of California, Berkeley, has announced that it will no longer consider SAT and ACT results for student admissions or scholarships. The decision applies to their system of ten schools and corresponds to a court settlement with students. People of color and people with disabilities have argued that standardized tests put them at a disadvantage.

“Today’s deal ensures the university does not fall back on its planned use of SAT and ACT, which have been recognized as racist metrics by their own rulers,” said Amanda Mangaser Savage, an attorney who represents the students.

The settlement resolves a 2019 lawsuit alleging that college entrance exams are “biased against poor and mostly black and Hispanic students,” according to court documents, and “by making the system base admission decisions on these tests discriminates against that System applicants based on their race illegal “. , Wealth and disability. “

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The University of California is the largest school system that has announced that it will no longer use the tests and will forego the score in determining admission for students applying between Fall 2021 and Spring 2025. The admissions agency will not check the ACT or SAT test results even voluntarily submitted.

The plaintiffs argued that even a “voluntary submission of grades would be harmful, especially for students with disabilities who were largely unable to take the exams with the necessary precautions during the coronavirus pandemic”. An Alameda County Superior Court judge issued an injunction on the matter.

The University of California complied with the court’s original decision but appealed. At the time, the university was considering an agreement “that would provide security for students and their families, counselors and high schools,” a statement submitted said.

“There are real inequalities in American education and they are reflected in every degree of academic achievement, including the SAT,” said Zach Goldberg, executive director of communications for the College Board. “The SAT itself is not a racist instrument. Every question is strictly checked for signs of bias and any question that might favor one group over another is discarded. “

The final agreement includes a provision that if the university chooses a new exam for access in the future, “it will consider access for students with disabilities in designing and conducting such an exam”. The board said it endorses test-optional guidelines such as those put in place by the California system and others earlier. “When we are through the pandemic, the SAT will remain one of the most accessible and affordable ways for students to distinguish themselves,” it said. “It is important to keep a student’s choice of submitting scores.”

Partly due to the completion of the University of California, Los Angeles case, freshman applications increased 28 percent, African American students increased 48 percent, Hispanic students 33 percent, and Native American students increased 16 percent. “The composition of this year’s applicants already shows that students are no longer prevented from applying because they do not have access to standardized tests,” explains Marci Lerner Miller, one of the lawyers representing the students. “We are confident that this agreement will lead to the students proving their skills and not their disabilities in the application process.”


The UC system officially removes SAT and ACT scores from admissions and scholarships

University of California will no longer consider SAT and ACT values

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