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The Wyoming candidate urges constituents to see the romantic side of legal rape

Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard is doing national news today for a Facebook Live post attempting to positively influence the impregnation of a 14-year-old girl aged 18.

“It’s amazing that they look at things so negatively,” he complained of The Establishment’s refusal to see that an adult who has sex with a child is perfectly fine as long as they don’t have an abortion .

“Two teenagers, girl getting pregnant, you’ve heard these stories before,” said the man who tried to replace Rep. Liz Cheney in Congress. “She was a little younger than me, so it’s like the story of Romeo and Juliet.”

And in a way, he’s right. Both stories of child marriage ended tragically when Bouchard’s Julia committed suicide at age 20, two years after he divorced her.

But in another more accurate way, he only admitted to having committed a crime since Florida’s consent age was 16 and he was outside of the two-year age limit when she “got pregnant.”

Perhaps Bouchard was so busy giving a master class in distraction that he ignored the whims of legal rape laws and strict liability. In fact, the only thing he took responsibility for was his brave decision not to have an abortion and to marry the girl.

“Your mother signed the papers. We went downstairs and got married in front of a judge, ”he said, adding without a hint of irony. “Pretty scary when I was so young.”

But the girl had “problems” and “this thing ended in some kind of bitter divorce,” after which “for some reason she decided” to kill herself. And although his son “has to go through some things and live life, unfortunately he made some wrong decisions” and “he has almost become my estranged son” because “some of the things he has in front of him in his life are me with Security doesn’t approve of you. “

And while Bouchard cannot accept the life choices of his own child, he insists on his God-given right as an American to “forgive something that happened in my youth.”

“This is America, we all had problems. Why is that a big deal? “he demanded.

After briefly tearing up, Bouchard shifted to a more combative stance, deciphering “the swamp” and accusing reporters (or possibly investigators, he’s not really sure) of offering family members to make up for filth.

“That tells you I’m in the lead,” he concluded, without pointing to any other evidence.

“If you are at the forefront and you are someone who cannot be controlled, who works for the people, they will come after you. That’s why good people don’t run for office. “

And it’s just a shame on his ex-wife’s family because, “I just hate it when families do drugs and relive things. I mean, can’t we let people rest in peace? “

Here, let the would-be Congressman explain to you why having sex with a little girl is less important than sending a man from his impeccable party to Washington for personal responsibility.

That guy with the dead girl in his bathtub should really send Bouchard a fruit basket.

US House of Representatives candidate Bouchard says he impregnated the 14-year-old when he was 18 [Casper Star Tribune]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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