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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon said he will be tracking one of the sweeping changes he announced when he took office earlier this month.

Gascon said Friday that he would allow his office to file for a tougher conviction of hate crimes, child abuse, elderly abuse, sexual assault, sex trafficking and some financial crimes.

Gascon had long argued that penal reforms lead to excessive prison sentences and target black and Latino defendants.

Gascon said he made the change after listening to the community, victims and prosecutors, KABC-TV reported.

“He is making changes based on the feedback he has received and the concerns he has received to ensure that improvements can and can be made in cases where vulnerable victims are affected,” said Max Szabo, deputy prosecutor and spokesman for Gascon’s transition team.

Judges in particular served as a roadblock in Gascon’s original plan. Four judges across the county blocked the prosecutor’s attempt to refuse amendments to the sentence.

Gascon has made a number of key policy changes since taking office less than two weeks ago, including prohibiting prosecutors from petitioning for the death penalty or bringing teenagers to justice as adults.

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