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Trump Faucets Rudy Giuliani For SCOTUS Election Battle. LOL, Go For It Dude!

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The Daily Beast reports that Trump is planning to put Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow in charge of contesting the result of the presidential election in court, counting on a 6-3 Republican-appointed majority to return him to the White House for another four years.

“I want Jay and Rudy on this,” Trump said, according to a source.

Because who wouldn’t want a guy who wanders around drooling with his fly down as he rants on YouTube about non-existent servers in Ukraine hacked by Hillary Clinton and the miracle of hydroxychloroquine heading up their legal defense?

As for Jay Sekulow, while he has had some success at the Court, his last appearance, where he argued that the president enjoys a magical shield of immunity to all criminal process and investigation, crashed and burned, with the Justices directing all serious questions to his co-counsel William Consovoy before holding that actually the laws of this land do apply to the president.

Consovoy has ably handled the Trump campaign’s gazillion lawsuits challenging local voting laws. Just yesterday he successfully convinced both the Fifth and Sixth Circuits to bless a one-ballot-dropbox-per-county rule. (Because one box for Harris County, TX — population 4.7 million — and one for Loving County, TX — population 134 – is fine, just fine.)

But he’s not part of Trump’s inner circle of guys willing to travel to Ukraine and try to gin up a bogus investigation of Joe Biden, then head to Fox every night to flog the story while listening to Jeanine Pirro shriek.

Also, Trump is under the impression that Rudy Giuliani, a lobbyist whose last court appearance was in a car crash case for one of his girlfriend’s daughters, is the modern day James Baker.

“If the election lands in the courts after Election Day, it makes perfect sense that the president would want lawyers who he trusts the most to be in charge of his case,” said Steven Groves, who previously worked as a lawyer and then spokesman in the Trump White House. “The president trusts Jay and Rudy, especially if the case should go all the way to the Supreme Court, where Jay has argued many cases. Even though Rudy doesn’t have a background in election law, it makes sense that the president would ask him to play the same role that Jim Baker played back in 2000 for George W. Bush.”

Wow the lakers won the nba championship? How about a big parade in Communist China, Beijing. That’s where it belongs.

— Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) October 12, 2020

Yes, yes. Rudy Giuliani is the consummate Washington insider, in command of all his faculties and the ideal person to helm a multi-state Brooks Brothers riot. Have at it, fellas!

Trump Taps Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow to Oversee Post-Election Legal Battles (Beast)

Elizabeth Dye (@5DollarFeminist) lives in Baltimore where she writes about law and politics.

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