Trump marketing campaign information one other lawsuit to stop Michigan from confirming election outcomes

Most of the campaign’s lawsuits have so far been unsuccessful.

In yet another attempt to deny Joe Biden the Oval Office, the Trump campaign has filed a new lawsuit to prevent Michigan from confirming its election results.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the campaign’s most recent complaint is similar to the one it has filed in the past. The president’s attorneys have repeatedly alleged that Michigan officials did not give Republican observers adequate access to local polling stations. They also separately claimed that there are differences in the number of ballots in Detroit.

The campaign plans to file its lawsuit in the US District Court for the western district of Michigan. The Free Press notes that while Detroit is outside the jurisdiction of this court, the western district includes the state capital, Lansing.

Regardless of the intent of the lawsuit, Trump officials were reluctant to express a belief in their case that would actually change the election result.

“We don’t think we’ll eat this apple in one bite,” campaign spokesman Tim Murtagh said in a statement. “But a big part of these lawsuits is to gather more information.”

Confident in the campaign’s litigation strategy, Murtagh suggested that if Trump’s allies can file enough lawsuits, they could potentially keep the White House for another four years.

The Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing. Image via San906 / Wikimedia Commons. (CCA-BY-1.0)

“Every time we submit this, and every action we have taken since the end of election day, is an effort to bring us closer to the election,” he said. “We believe that President Trump will ultimately be declared the winner of this election.”

But as the Free Press reports, President Trump lost nearly 150,000 ballots in Michigan. To date, there has been no evidence of widespread electoral fraud in the United States.

Even so, President Trump and his supporters have repeatedly questioned the validity of election results in several hotly contested states, including Michigan. Attorneys Matt Morgan and Thor Hearne said they had received or examined complaints alleging harassment by Republican electoral challengers, incorrectly entered voter information and problems with absenteeism.

“I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat,” Hearne said on Thursday, “this is not a way to restore confidence in the electoral process.”

“This lawsuit asks the federal district judge […] to review this and to order advertisers to ensure they are doing their job and to allow observers and challengers to monitor the conduct of the advertisements to ensure that it is done fairly, honestly and in accordance with the provisions of Michigan Electoral Act , he added .

Matthew Cross, an electoral lawyer and attorney at Plunkett Cooney, told that there could be explanations – other than election fraud – for what Morgan and Hearne saw or heard.

However, Cross also cautioned against believing the campaign’s lawsuits would have a huge impact on the outcome of the race.

“It is entirely possible that there is a reasonable explanation for the things these affiants saw,” Cross said. “We’re really just going to have to see how this works out, but ultimately the likelihood of actual success and the definition of success as a change in the election result is very slim.”


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