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Trump marketing campaign rubs soothing balm of mindless complaints on the president’s injured ego

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It was inevitable.

It would always come to Rudy Giuliani screaming madness in front of a landscaper’s garage door next to a porn shop north of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. Yes, the lead witness is a multi-year New Jersey candidate and a registered sex offender who was previously incarcerated for exposing himself to young children. Of course it is.

The president’s supporters stopped pushing for a Wisconsin recount – a plan they abandoned when it became clear they would throw $ 3 million down the drain for free – but STOP THE COUNT! Demanded and then reversed course to demand that every legal vote be counted.

Now we’re back to the beginning and the Trump team is preparing for a Georgia recount to stop STOP THE COUNT in Nevada.

“For unity Democrats, you may want to stop counting illegal votes in NV first,” tweeted Trump ally and OG Brooks Brothers rioter Matt Schlapp. “We’re no longer idiots. We caught you red-handed. “

This is an obvious indication of a “whistleblower” who happened to be walking past the polling station on his lunch break and watching a Biden Harris van unload boxes of ballot papers. No, the whistleblower did not reach out to Nevada’s Republican Secretary of State. Also the “other whistleblower”, allegedly an election worker who was instructed by her superior to override signature mismatches. None of this looks like it will overturn Biden’s leadership in the state, which stands at 34,000.

In Pennsylvania, where the Vice President is ahead with 44,000 votes, Trump’s legal team filed a petition with the Supreme Court this morning that goes beyond the Pennsylvania order to separate the ballots, which were postmarked November 3rd during The three-day grace period prescribed by the court ordered the state not to count these votes at all. There aren’t enough late-night ballots to get the state to Trump and certainly no indication that they’d all come from Biden voters anyway. Even so, Trump’s attorneys insist that if the public finds out how several thousand Pennsylvanians voted, they will suffer irreparable harm.

Axios reports that Trump is adding to his legal team of Rudy Giuliani and former Trump campaign flack David Bossie, who is not even a lawyer (and now has COVID). But if Biden were on track to get 306 votes, it would take ten royal flushes to get a win at that point.

And they got off to a rapid start.

This is from the appeals court in the state of Michigan. The Donald Trump Legal Team can’t even properly appeal. At this point you have achieved a high level of legal competence. This is the most basic task – to file a related complaint.

– Abed A. Ayoub (@aayoub) November 9, 2020

These cases are all small balls and the vote count is unlikely to shift in any meaningful way. Privately, the campaign recognizes that the cases serve more as a therapeutic balm for the president’s fragile ego and as a means to cast doubt on the election result.

AP reports:

The strategy of waging a legal battle against the votes that have been counted for Biden in Pennsylvania and elsewhere is more to give Trump an exit for a loss he cannot quite capture, rather than the election result to change, said the officials. They spoke to AP on condition of anonymity to discuss internal strategy.

Trump aides and allies also privately recognized that the litigation would – at best – prevent the inevitable, and some had deep reservations about the president’s attempts to undermine confidence in the vote. But they said Trump and a core group of loyalists wanted to keep his support base on his side even in the event of defeat.

And according to NBC, it has a financial motive too. A disclaimer is the fine print of the hectic emails and texts that raise money for Trump’s legal battle.

Contributions from an individual / federal multi-candidate political committee to TMAGAC are awarded according to the following formula:

60% to DJTP for depositing into DJTP 2020 general election account to pay off general election debt (up to a maximum of $ 2,800 / $ 5,000) or if that debt has been withdrawn or part of the contribution exceeds the limit would exceed by 2020 general election account to deposit into DJTP’s postpay account (maximum $ 2,800 / $ 5,000); 40% on the operating account of the RNC (maximum USD 35,500 / USD 15,000); and any additional funds to the RNC to be deposited into the Legal Proceedings account or the RNC Headquarters account (maximum $ 213,000 / $ 90,000).

Yes, they will use this money to withdraw the campaign debt. Grab the wire.

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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