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Trump official unwilling to confess Biden was in search of a brand new job in 2021

Emily Murphy spent most of her tenure in the government protecting Donald Trump’s financial holdings with bureaucratic gimmicks that ended up in some Congressional inquiries but largely allowed her to operate in relative darkness. That all changed when Murphy stepped into the limelight last week as a government official responsible for approving the transition to the Biden administration, a task she cynically and inappropriately declined.

It seems like she misjudged the notoriety that comes with holding back a pandemic response during a national disaster. Because Murphy allegedly started putting her resume out where her job ends in a few months while pretending her job was going to last four more years.

From ABC:

Emily Murphy, director of GSA, recently sent this message to an employee inquiring about employment opportunities in 2021. Some in Washington interpreted this as at least a tacit appreciation that the current administration will soon be gone.

Looking for a job while acting as the public face of “We don’t need new jobs”… Bravo. ABC secured a statement from the GSA denying that Murphy was actually looking for work in the same breath before stating that it didn’t necessarily mean Murphy expected her job to be over, even if she was on the Search was.

Honestly, when this government is over, it is the apparent incompetence that will remain with me. The “gang that can’t shoot directly” approach to government was truly a sight to see.

Maybe she can get a job at Jones Day … because they may have some high profile vacancies before all of this is said and done.

The GSA official blocking Biden’s transition appears to be privately planning the post-Trump career [ABC News]

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