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Trump wonders if he ought to have gone with a Yellow Pages attorney as a substitute of Leaky Rudy

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Sorry, he had a few. But then again, they were probably all the fault of Lamestream Fake News Media, who always talk about Covid Covid Covid and never cover the very big case that will be filed in Pennsylvania next week. Or maybe Georgia. Otherwise, it could be Michigan.

NBC reports that the president belatedly realized that placing his election battle in the hands of the Super Friends task team of the Elite Strike Force may have been a misstep. According to an NBC source, Trump fears Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell are “fools who make him look bad”.

Gosh, what gave him the idea? Was it the press conference in an industrial park between a landscape gardener’s yard and a porn shop? Perhaps the humiliating loss in federal court where his esteemed attorney demanded “normal scrutiny”? Did Rudy’s head leak while recreating a scene from the movie “My Cousin Vinny” that made the President’s cheek flush? Was it Jenna Ellis who paused to dive into every practicing attorney on Twitter to accuse Frank Luntz of having a “micropenis”? Or was it maybe Sidney Powell who scolded OANN that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stole the election from Trump and probably took a bribe for it?

The latter resulted in Powell being released to humiliate the president in private practice. But Giuliani and Ellis are still chugging along, misrepresenting basic facts and laws.

Hey @AriMelber and @JoyAnnReid, do you know how a case gets to the Supreme Court?

One side must appeal a final opinion that it does not agree with.

As I said, Third Circuit granted our appeal and we already have a PA case pending at SCOTUS.

Thanks Ari for having me!

– Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) November 24, 2020

So why doesn’t the guy whose tagline was “You’re Fired” just fire them?

“Who the hell knows this?” replied the NBC source.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign lawyers have filed hundreds of pages in the Third Circuit, arguing that U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann misused his discretion by denying them the right to file a second amended complaint. It doesn’t matter that the relief requested was an injunction on certification of the Pennsylvania vote, which took place earlier this morning. Their theory is that Judge Brann misused his discretion by failing to conclude that the actual deadline was December 8th, the “safe haven” date of the electoral college.

Or so? To be honest, it’s hard to tell. But here’s a great multi-million dollar tweet thread on everything wrong with this emergency restraining order from someone who’s gone through all 277 pages – starting with the fact that he’s asking the appeals court for a TRO.

Giuliani and the local lawyer Marc Scaringi demand in an “urgency request for an injunction and preliminary injunction pending the maintenance of the effectiveness of the certification and the accelerated response” that the third circle stop the state certification of the election result or, since this has already happened, “Stop the Effect” of this certification. Whatever that means.

The court should grant this relief on the basis of a second amended complaint that so far only exists in Rudy Giuliani’s head, as it is not included in any federal document. The complainants, however, extensively recite the content of Rudy’s imaginary complaint, including a claim to a position based on a “dilution of votes”, which the Third Circle expressly rejected two weeks ago.

And Rudy is still walking. Here’s what he told Lou Dobbs of Fox Business last night.

Our theory of the case, to get four places before the Supreme Court, and soon two others – and there will be a collective lawsuit – is basically a misconduct of election by state officials in at least five or six different states in which the misconduct of the elections resulted in the loss of constitutional rights for the president.

If the president isn’t embarrassed, we are.

Behind the scenes, Trump was frustrated with the maneuvers his legal team had made [NBC]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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