Trump’s attorney busts one in every of Trump’s greatest lies – Native Information eight –

Former President Donald Trump has never publicly admitted that he was rejected by American voters.

But now his lawyer has. On the floor of the US Senate.

Bruce Castor Jr.’s appearance at the start of Trump’s second impeachment trial will likely be remembered more than anything for his aimless wandering. But Castor’s Tuesday monologue was also notable for something he said when trying to get to a rare point.

Castor argued that the real reason Trump has been charged again is because his opponents in the House Democratic majority don’t want him to run in the 2024 election. (If two-thirds of the senators are there to condemn Trump, a simple majority of the senators could decide to ban Trump from holding office.) Castor said it should be left to the American people to decide who will be the next president.

And Castor said, “People are smart enough … to choose a new administration if they don’t like the old one. And they just did it. “Shortly thereafter, Castor added that this was commonplace:” People are tired of having an administration they don’t want. And they know how to change it. And they just did it. “

Castor’s claim about what people “just did” is obvious to anyone willing to accept reality. Except Trump has tried to create an alternate reality.

Even though Joe Biden defeated Trump on the electoral college and received more than seven million votes, fair and honest, Trump has stated time and again that people actually re-elected him in a “landslide” and that fraud and theft cheated him of his rightful victory. (He even repeated that nonsense in the video he tweeted during the Capitol riot.)

While Trump eventually admitted in his dwindling days in office that a new administration would take over, he never admitted that voters really voted someone else over him – let alone that voters did so because they did not ” wanted ”or“ wanted ”. like ”the Trump administration.

Trump’s attorneys’ pre-trial testimony was filled with false claims and Trump-style distortions. But Castor only wiggled to truthfully blow up one of his client’s favorite lies.

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