Trump’s need for a quicker course of led to a change within the strategy of the impeachment attorney – CNN

Schön wrote that he was withdrawing his motion because he was “concerned about the delay in a process that I recognize is important for all parties and for the country to come to a conclusion”.

This also applies to his customers.

Two people familiar with what happened told CNN that Trump – entrenched in Florida and ready to move into a more relaxed and potentially more lucrative period of his post-presidency – did not want the process to be delayed any further and believed if they did pausing him for the Sabbath would add several days to the matter.

The Senate originally wanted to take a break, but now the process will not be interrupted for the Sabbath and is expected to continue Friday night and Saturday. The Senate has also scheduled a session for Sunday afternoon if the process is still ongoing. Trump shares his aversion to a lengthy process with virtually everyone involved in the process. Democrats, including President Joe Biden, view acquittal as the assured outcome and do not want the process to further hamper the new president’s agenda. Republicans are also reluctant to long recite Trump’s role in last month’s insurgency.

Trump himself, who spun through multiple legal teams while preparing the process, is more concerned about the impact of the process on his public image, according to one person who discussed the matter with him, than about the possible outcome. Since leaving office, Trump has had several discussions with business partners overseas about future projects.

The former president has held back since his dramatic exit from Washington in the hours leading up to Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, eager to end his trial so he can begin his life after the presidency, as people close to him have likely told about paid speeches overseas and rallies domestically directed against those who have politically crossed it. Trump, who is expected to stay in Florida during the trial, has repeatedly told people that he believed he would be acquitted a second time and was ready to move on.

He switched between evenings at Mar-a-Lago and his nearby golf club, where he was taped one evening handing cash out to the crowd.

His defense team was put together a little over a week ago, after the five lawyers originally represented him every day before legal action was due. One person called this a mutual decision while another said it was a difference in strategy. Now Trump is relying on Schoen and Bruce Castor to secure his acquittal for the second time.

The two attorneys arrived in Washington with their associates on Monday to conduct a Senate visit to represent their client’s case. The complete solution was almost identical to the one it was a year ago, although instead of working in the Vice President’s Senate office, Trump’s team will set up a store in a large room next door for the process.

While their defense is expected to focus on the argument that he cannot be removed from office, Trump has also told people that he would like his claims of election fraud that are not supported by evidence to be recorded.

As with his first impeachment, Trump is expected to watch his lawyers on television from his private Mar-a-Lago quarters. Trump watched almost every minute of the initial trial and was so enthusiastic about his team’s performance that staff later used the impeachment process as an excuse for why he was distracted at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the props his attorneys are likely to have are videos of Democratic lawmakers arguing that Trump’s rhetoric prior to the January 6 riot cannot be viewed as incitement. Sources familiar with the planning, who spoke on condition of anonymity to exchange sensitive details, said Trump’s defense team plans to play videos of Democratic Representatives Maxine Waters and Ayanna Pressley, among others.

The former president wasn’t as closely involved in the defense as last time. He has been “checked out” more than expected because he is confident he will be acquitted, one person told CNN.

Instead, Trump was more preoccupied with the role he will play in the Republican Party in the future. He was irritated after Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Republican leader of the House, backed Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican of House No. 3, when Trump loyalists tried to oust her from leadership during a notable intra-party feud.

After McCarthy said Trump bore some responsibility for the U.S. Capitol uprising last month, he traveled to Trump’s private club to meet with him in South Florida. While there, McCarthy sought access to Trump’s list of donors, an effort one person took as a sign. McCarthy realizes that Trump’s influence on the GOP will remain here.

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