Two local lawyers incriminate Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict – WNYT

Paul DerOhannesian is also a local attorney. He says the evidence has been overwhelming.

“I think the evidence in this case supports the verdict. That won’t be a problem on appeal. I think it’s a clearer case for murder than many cases of officers charged with murder,” DerOhannesian said.

Both lawyers say the Minnesota definition of second degree murder also had a big impact. In New York the definition is a little different.

“The charge Mr. Chauvin was convicted, the murder charge, is a felony murder that we have in New York. However, a crime that leads to death in Minnesota includes assault. New York does not include assault as part of its Crime murder, “said Derohannesian.

In this case, according to Pallozzi, the defense had an uphill battle trying to prove that George Floyd died of natural causes.

“The defense, they did their best, but like you said 9 and a half minutes on the man’s neck. He’s unarmed and he’s handcuffed, that can’t be justified,” Pallozzi said

Both lawyers believe the criminal justice system worked.

“I would say that in such a case it is really unfortunate that the process had to work and that someone had to die. In this case, George Floyd had to become that symbol of a movement for this process to work,” he told Pallozzi.

Both lawyers say the next big step will be conviction. Chauvin could live between 12.5 and 40 years. Since chauvin has no prior belief, he might get the minimum. Pallozzi believes the lawyers will push for a sentence longer than 12.5 years.

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