Tyris Jones attorney speaks out towards new expenses and a rise in bonds – WREX-TV

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Attorney for Tyris Jones, the man who was shot dead by Rockford Police in October, comments on the new charges against his client.

Attorney Nenye Uche says a Bond volunteer showed up to Winnebago County Jail with a check for $ 90,000 around 11 a.m. Thursday to rescue Jones from jail.

“They think they got the detour,” says Uche. “Because they arrived at the courthouse around 11 am and were unusually detained until around 4:30 pm. The Jones family called me and asked me what was going on. I spoke to a very nice gentleman in the clerk’s office who took care of things assured would be sorted out. “

About an hour later, Uche says he received a text from his client’s family stating that Jones would be released. However, a few moments later, Uche said he had received news.

“Mr. Jones was then informed, on the verge of his release, that the police had suddenly found a weapon that was linked to his originally difficult unloading of a gun charge for which he was originally arrested.”

13 News received a copy of the court filing for these two charges, which states that prosecutors approved them at 1:22 p.m., about an hour and a half after volunteers and family members said they would work to accept Jones’ bail.

13 News reached out to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office to clarify these allegations, but was informed that they have no resolution on any pending litigation. Winnebago County Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross was unavailable for comment Friday, but 13 messages will meet with her next week to discuss this development.

Uche says he is still working with authorities to confirm the details of this weapon and when or where it was obtained. However, he says the timing of this discovery, which comes within hours of the publication of Jones’ bond, is highly suspect.

“It’s very magical and ridiculous,” says Uche. “What happened yesterday was completely unprofessional. It’s almost weird, but it’s not funny. This is someone’s life that we’re dealing with in a criminal court.”

Uche took those concerns in front of Judge Ryan Swift on Friday, saying he did not understand why such a high loan amount was set or why his client’s family could book the original $ 90,000 if officials knew there were other charges pending be.

Judge Swift told Uche he disagreed with these concerns, adding, “$ 2 million is extraordinarily high, but I’m in a difficult position because I haven’t seen a pretrial service report.”

Without that report, Swift said he was unable to make changes. However, Judge Swift added that the assigned judge on the case, Judge Clifford, could consider requests to lower or lower this new loan amount at a later court date.

Uche says he plans to file an urgency motion in front of Judge Clifford to address those concerns and change his clients’ loyalty. If this doesn’t happen, Jones will appear again in court on November 24th at 9:30 a.m.

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