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Virtual collaboration tools for lawyers [Sponsored]

Law firms are in the midst of a remote working revolution. As a direct result of the social distancing requirements and the stay-at-home arrangement, interactions have changed dramatically, affecting both the office environment and the productivity of working professionals. This is especially true in the legal profession, where technologies that connect employees with each other and with clients have become an absolute necessity.

As the industry shifts towards software addiction, many legal professionals continue to rely solely on outdated communication methods – like phone calls and emails – to keep in touch with the stakeholders of their cases.

In this guide, you will learn about the new standard for law firm connectivity Client recording, internal communication, retrieval of client signatures + counter-signatures and 2-way text messages Tools designed specifically for law firms.

Client recording

The demand for contactless options has grown steadily among legal consumers. Prospective clients conduct their due diligence by searching for lawyers online. They expect to be able to contact attorneys through their websites and provide information on admission immediately.

“Digital admission forms have cut the time it takes my company to have a customer on board by 8 days.”

Jason Kohlmeyer, law firm Kohlmeyer Hagen CHTD, MyCase customer

Online customer admission solves these problems and enables potential customers to keep your company’s services on regardless of the situation. Having an option to quickly onboard customers can instantly make your business more attractive to prospects with an urgent need for legal services.

The bottom line: Online admission forms simplify customer admission and Make it easy for prospects to provide contact information day or night from any web-enabled device. Get your cases off to a good start for both your employees and your clients by streamlining the remote capture of the information they need without delayed processing or duplicate data entry.

Internal communication

When your company’s workforce is dispersed across the houses or offices, it becomes difficult to keep in close contact with colleagues. Email alone as a means of communicating urgent cases just doesn’t cut it. Your company’s employees need a far more immediate solution to work effectively and efficiently as a unit.

Instead, look for communication tools like Internal chat that can be integrated with the tools you already use for case and case management. A number of built-in communication methods are an inexpensive option. It also provides a more secure, centralized system of records for all law firm internal communications.

The bottom line: The best method of internal communication for law firms is one that connected directly to your case management system This enables immediate correspondence, case-specific dialogue and quick reference to previous interactions.

electronic signature

Wet signatures are no longer cheap on the legal market. Getting one usually requires an office visit, which endangers the health of participants and causes unnecessary delays in completing an everyday task. Alternatively, you can send important documents for signature, but this can take days or weeks. With face-to-face meetings becoming less common, savvy companies are expected to now offer their customers online signature options.

“ESignature has become standard practice in our company.”

Brandon Osterbind, Osterbind Law, PLLC, MyCase customer

Enter eSignature. With eSignature you can Easily prepare documents and send them to a prospect or current client. Then monitor the status of any outstanding signature requests. Immediately upon receipt, the recipient can sign and return the document with just a few simple clicks, avoiding the costly delays associated with receiving a wet signature.

The bottom line: When documents are remotely signed using contactless eSignature, preparing, signing, and countersigning routine legal documents becomes a seamless and streamlined experience that is hassle-free for everyone involved. Look for software with a built-in eSignature to maximize the bang for your buck.

2-way text messaging

Whether or not your team is operating from your physical office, effective customer communication is key. Customers need to be able to reach your company and get their questions answered in a timely manner and in a format that suits their needs. Delayed responses to your inquiries can lead to missed court appointments and deadlines, unanswered questions, and harmful attorney-client relationships.

“Text messages are a great way to communicate with customers who otherwise don’t use email.”

Erika Longanecker, Tri-Cities Family Law, MyCase customer

SMS tools allow you to quickly update clients using a connectivity method that they can easily use on a day-to-day basis without having to give out your personal mobile number.

The bottom line: The law firms that law firms have long been accustomed to are impersonal, non-immediate, and often never received or answered. Instead, Law firms should focus on SMS tools to deliver a strong customer experience that deserves referrals.


The solutions in this guide are, in and of themselves, a huge step towards bridging the connectivity gap between businesses and their customers and employees. However, when such communication tools are built into your law firm’s management software, your law firm will experience higher productivity, closer collaboration, and an increase in billable hours – regardless of where your employees or clients are.

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How MyCase meets your law firm’s connectivity needs

MyCase is a complete, cloud-based law firm management solution for your law firm. Provide the tools you need to collaborate and work remotely. With MyCase, all important case details – documents, contacts, calendars, e-mails, tasks, invoices, etc. – are available in a single, organized place anywhere with an internet connection.

Additional connectivity functions for remote work include built-in functions Client intake, eSignature, internal chat, text messages and a client portal Therefore, neither clients nor colleagues are ever out of reach for case matters. With the guided data migration and the easy-to-learn functions, MyCase facilitates quick commissioning.

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