WATCH LIVE | Patrick Warren Sr., household attorney holds a press convention on the Bell County Courthouse –

Lee Merritt, Warren and his family’s attorney, holds a press conference about the murder of Warren by a Killeen police officer.

BELL COUNTY, Texas – The attorney for the late Patrick Warren Sr. and his family will hold a news conference about Warren’s death at the Bell County Courthouse at 1 p.m.

Warren was shot dead by Killeen cop Reynaldo Contreras, a 5-year veteran with the division, while responding to a phone call on Sunday about a man with mental health problems.

Contreras first tried to stop Warren, who was approaching the officer, with a taser. When that failed, the officer shot Warren. He died later in hospital.

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The doorbell video describes the moments before filming and shows Warren. Check out the video below.

This video may disturb some viewers.

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The officer is on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation by the Texas Rangers.

In addition to the Texas Rangers investigation, the Killeen Police Department is conducting a separate internal affairs investigation, according to the Killeen PD.

Merritt requested that all body cameras and dash camera videos be given to the family lawyers and that the officer be released.

Bobbie Warren, the wife of Warren Sr., made a statement ahead of Thursday’s press conference calling for Contreras to be arrested.

“Our family is still finding direction after the murder of our beloved Patrick Warren Sr. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the church. Patrick was a loving husband, father, and devoted man of God praying in the face of the pain of this sudden loss we the church to join us to honor his name and seek justice. Patrick spent his entire life serving others. He worked at a local facility in Belton, TX before it closed due to the pandemic. He has immediately started a landscaping company to keep our family cared for. We expect officer Reynaldo Contreras to be arrested immediately. There are more than enough probable reasons why the Killeen Police Department, the Texas Rangers, or the Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza issued an arrest warrant for the immediate arrest and detention of Contreras – as untit he would be expected of any other citizen under the circumstances “

Warren’s son Patrick Jr. set up a GoFundMe account to pay for his father’s funeral expenses. The GoFundMe has now raised more than $ 33,000, surpassing its target of $ 20,000.

Patrick Jr. said his father took out life insurance but it expired three months ago. He also said Warren had been fired from work because of the rise in COVID-19 cases.

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