Watch Now: Legal professional Says Pritzker Orders Ought to Not Be For Joe’s Station Home, Different Corporations – Bloomington Pantagraph

Brian Day, Normal Corporation Council, left, asks Normal Police Sgt. Steven Koscielak to describe photos he took of customers visiting the Joe’s Station House Pizza Pub in the Shoppes in College Hills during the Normal Liquor Commission hearing on Tuesday on January 5, 2021 in the town hall.


According to the records, a total of $ 20,000 was made available to normal business.

Joe’s Station House owners Joe and Tony Wargo, who are brothers, were also among a group of restaurant owners who criticized efforts to contain the state. They said they continued to follow previous COVID-19 rules through limited capacity, mask requirements and social distancing.

DeVore has represented several companies across the state in lawsuits against the Pritzker administration for using executive orders to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also represented Cadillac Jacks, 1507 S. Main St., Bloomington, in September after she was charged with breaching mask rules.

Brian Day, attorney for Normal Corporation, said the city is using the alcohol code as it is under state law. The Code requires liquor license holders to comply with state law and public health regulations.

“Obviously we feel for the restaurants and bars that are frankly bearing the brunt of COVID regulations for various reasons,” Day told The Pantagraph. “Whatever those reasons, these are the laws that were passed down to us; these are the ones that we must consider.”

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