Why real estate owners should keep a reputable domain attorney when faced with a government takeover

The government has lawyers on their side, and so should you.

The power of a significant domain grants local, state, and federal government agencies the right to take private property and make it available for public use, such as building roads, railways, schools, power lines, etc.

While convictions are usually further projects for the public good, they are often at the expense of private property owners who are forced to give up their property without their consent and without the ability to control the final purchase price.

Reasons To Keep A Reputable Domain Attorney

Are your property rights being threatened by an act of paramount importance or by government action equivalent to revenue?

A qualified, reputable domain attorney can help.

Here are four reasons you should consider a reputable domain attorney when faced with a government takeover:

Know and understand your rights as a landowner

Many landowners assume that they are powerless when a government agency calls and they simply have to argue about how much the compensation should be. This is a big misunderstanding.

The government cannot simply take over real estate under the respected domain authority. It must also meet certain basic criteria and legal requirements, including proof that it is ingested for the public benefit.

An experienced, reputable domain attorney can properly advise you on whether the sentencing agency has sufficient legal grounds and the need to take it. More importantly, they can help you better understand and protect your constitutional rights and interests as an owner.

Use your position in the negotiations

While regrettable, it is often true that government agencies and judging authorities take property owners with qualified legal representation more seriously than those who seek to represent themselves.

Having a great domain attorney by your side throughout the sentencing process can provide leverage during negotiations or improve your ability to get a favorable outcome in the event of a dispute.

Landowners who have seen conviction attorneys ready to fight for their position have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

Just get compensation for the property

Under the US Constitution, property owners are entitled to fair compensation when their property is taken over by the power of a significant domain. Unfortunately, many law enforcement agencies are motivated to pay as little as possible for the property they need. Property owners who have had great domain advice or are more likely to receive maximum compensation.

There are many unique factors in the sentencing that can affect the value of the property and affect the calculation of fair compensation. Well-known domain attorneys routinely work with appraisers and other experts to ensure that all value influencers are considered, even in situations where the takeover could seriously damage remaining property.

Help with the complex sentencing process

Eminent Domain is a highly specialized area that includes laws and procedures that vary from state to state. The conviction process can be very complex, confusing, time-consuming and intimidating – especially if you are dealing with a government agency yourself.

If you are facing a government or convicting case, your best bet is to hire an attorney to help guide you through the process. Sentencing attorneys understand the complexities and intricacies of major domain law. They can defend you in court, assert your rights, protect your interests and help you take the necessary steps that will lead you to the best result.

Do I Really Need a Great Domain Attorney?

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While there’s no law that says you can’t represent yourself on a major domain case, you have a far better chance of winning with a reputable domain attorney by your side. It is far too risky to stand yourself against prosecutors and other professionals motivated to get your most valuable asset at the lowest price.

The government has lawyers on their side, and so should you.

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