Wife beats up attorney who assaulted girlfriend at South Carolina bowling alley, police say – KIRO Seattle

CHARLESTON, SC – A South Carolina attorney was on the receiving end of a woman’s fists earlier this month when she stepped in to stop his attack on his girlfriend at a bowling alley, authorities said.

Pano Michael DuPree, 58, of Charleston, faces assault and battery charges in connection with the March 19 incident. Charleston County prison records show he was booked on March 20 and released the same day after a $ 1,087 bond was released.

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The Post and the courier reported that two police witnesses said they saw DuPree arrive at Ashley Lanes and started an argument with his girlfriend. An incident report received from the newspaper said he grabbed the woman’s hair and put her in a stranglehold from behind.

A spectator stepped in, rushed over to the couple, and hit DuPree in the face, according to the newspaper. DuPree was thrown to the ground and pulled out some of his girlfriend’s hair as he fell.

The viewer’s identity was not disclosed.

Mount Pleasant WCBD reported that DuPree was vigilant and conscious upon arrival of the officers. He was taken to Roper St. Francis Hospital and then to Medical University in South Carolina for an ophthalmologist examination.

According to the authorities, police followed him to the hospital after speaking with his girlfriend and the witnesses, Post and Kurier reported. They arrested DuPree for assault.

DuPree’s website states that his practice specializes in criminal law and personal injury.

The incident at the bowling alley wasn’t his first personal encounter with the law.

DuPree was suspended from exercising rights for nine months in 2013 after he was arrested in 2012 for beating and biting a Utah state soldier who ran over the car he was a passenger in. According to records from the South Carolina Supreme Court, DuPree was in Park City on vacation at the time.

A statement of fact states that DuPree was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled on March 22, 2012. When the soldier David Wurtz questioned the driver, DuPree interrupted “repeatedly and asked the driver not to answer the soldier’s questions”.

“The interviewee told Trooper Wurtz that he was a lawyer and that the driver did not have to do what the soldier asked,” the document says.

Wurtz asked for support. When asked the driver to get out of the vehicle, DuPree “became belligerent, repeatedly used profanity, and refused to cooperate with soldiers’ demands for reassurance.”

Read the court’s order to suspend DuPree below.

“When the soldiers told the interviewee to stay in the vehicle, he tried to get out,” the document says. “A few minutes later, when the soldiers asked the interviewee to get out of the vehicle so that it could be towed, the interviewee refused the vehicle doors and locked them every time the soldiers unlocked the doors. The interviewee continued to abuse the soldiers and give them derogatory names. “

The soldiers ended up using a taser that malfunctioned. When they forcibly removed DuPree from the car, he slapped Wurtz in the mouth.

He also bit the soldier on the arm and drew blood.

DuPree was accused of assaulting a police officer, behaving in disorder, resisting arrest and public poisoning. He pleaded guilty to reducing charges in September and was given parole.

During oral arguments over the suspension, DuPree admitted that he began drinking on the morning of his arrest and “drank into oblivion,” the court said. The document suggests that DuPree is an alcoholic who voluntarily entered rehab in an attempt to overcome addiction.

His admission to the bar was resumed in April 2013. He continues to be a well-respected attorney, according to state records.

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The Post and Courier reported that DuPree was also arrested in 2003 after a fight with Charleston police officers responded to a fight at the Charleston Riverview Hotel. According to police reports, DuPree was arguing with his wife when two men intervened.

The police were called in to a fight between DuPree and the bystanders.

The disorderly charge was later dropped.

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