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Will the regulation agency style change as a result of pandemic?

I think it depends on the law firm. Yes, in my law firm I think things are going to change because people are now thinking more about convenience and practicality. If it wasn’t already clear, the pandemic certainly solidified that. In a law firm, people will still judge what you are wearing. It reflects the professional part of the job. It goes in a way that is toned down a bit, but may need to correct itself at some point and get a little more “formal”. I think people will be more likely to strike a middle ground and understand, more practically, that you can have flexibility that law firms may not have before.

Meghan, 32, an attorney for a Boston-based law firm currently working from home in Hawaii, comments on whether she believes the pandemic will actually change the company’s dress code at her law firm. Although things are very relaxed right now, she says, “I don’t want to overdo it. I tried to become aware that I’m in a completely different climate – I don’t want to wear a tank top – to look appropriate. “

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