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Working With a Personal Injury Law Firm in New York

A personal injury lawyer is a solicitor who offers legal representation to individuals who claim to have recently been injured, either physically or mentally, as the result of the negligence of somebody else, business, government agency or some other entity. Personal injury solicitors primarily practice in the field of civil law referred to as tort law. Tort law covers civil wrongs that happen to be caused by the failure of somebody else to discharge a responsibility. For instance, if an individual feels that he/she has been the victim of wrongful behavior, such as excessive speeding, driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, being roughed up in a private or public place, then this can all be tried in a court of law. These cases require the services of injury law solicitors who are experts in tort law and the laws that govern it. In most countries, it is also possible for a victim to file a case against an individual, organization, etc which is responsible for causing the injury, irrespective of whether or not the victim is aware of this at the time of filing the claim.


Product Liability: The other major area in which New York personal injury law firms specialize in are product liability claims. If a person has fallen ill, for whatever reason, from using a particular product, then the product liability law firm can help get compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. They are well placed to determine whether a product is defective and if so, to advise their clients. It is also possible for an individual to make a claim if he/she suffers pain, damages or loss as the result of an accident in which they was the victim. This might include cases such as car accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, airline accidents, etc.


Premises Liability: This refers to a claim that can be made for damages, injury or pain and suffering arising from the carelessness (or in legal terms negligence) of another party. A typical premise liability claim involves a person’s death, permanent disability, physical and mental impairment, or loss as a direct result of another party’s negligence. An example might be a child who falls badly on a public place, or an elderly person who suffers from a stroke because of someone’s negligence. If you have suffered an injury because of any of these factors, you can contact a premises liability or personal injury law firm for advice.


Wrongful Death: There are many instances where a loved one has been killed because of someone else’s negligence. A wrongful death claim can be brought by the family of a person who had been killed. This is a particularly sensitive area of the law, and personal injury attorney can advise their client as to the best way of pursuing this claim. Some of these cases may involve wrongful deaths caused by traffic accidents, boat capsizes, industrial diseases, birth defects, medical malpractice, or defective products.


Workplace Injuries: There are many types of workplace injuries that can occur. For example, a car driver may rear-end a coworker’s vehicle, causing both to be injured. Another common workplace injury is workplace stress. Personal injury lawyers in New York can help employees who have been abused or have fallen under suspicious circumstances at work.


Medical Malpractice: Another area where personal injury lawyers in New York can be found helpful, is in the realm of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a health care professional does not follow accepted standards and procedures when treating patients. This can lead to severe injuries or even death. The personal injury law firm will often take the case of these victims to court. They will do everything possible to ensure that the victim gets the compensation that they deserve.

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